NETMINDER® LLC – An Eco-friendly Aquaculture Solution | Fin Fish Farming
NETMINDER® is an Eco-friendly Aquaculture Solution that protects netting from UV degradation, minimizes biofouling and reduces drag. NETMINDER® is a viable alternative to copper and organotin-based antifouling coatings.
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Fin Fish Farming

Aquaculture (fish farming) is the fastest growing form of food production in the world and finfish farming is one of it’s largest segments. Within the marine finfish farming industry, which includes species such as; sea bass, sea bream, cobia, red drum, steelhead trout, tuna and others, the largest marine species being farmed is salmon.

In the example below, a  typical marine salmon farm is pictured. A major problem and cost for this industry is protecting its gear (nets) from bio-fouling. Netminder Aquaculture Coatings technology is a viable alternative to the incumbent copper and biocide containing antifouling coatings. Instead of utilizing the archaic methods of controlling bio-fouling by leaching toxic materials into the environment, Netminder creates an inhospitable surface, making it difficult for bio-fouling organisms to attach to aquaculture gear.