NETMINDER® LLC – An Eco-friendly Aquaculture Solution | Reducing the drag force acting on aquaculture netting
NETMINDER® is an Eco-friendly Aquaculture Solution that protects netting from UV degradation, minimizes biofouling and reduces drag. NETMINDER® is a viable alternative to copper and organotin-based antifouling coatings.
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Reducing the drag force acting on aquaculture netting


University of New Hampshire
The efficacy of NETMINDER® in reducing the drag force acting on aquaculture netting was tested by UNH researchers in the Gulf of Maine over a 6 month period in 2002.

NETMINDER® was found to decrease biofouling accumulation, which in turn decreased the overall drag force acting on the netting. At the end of testing the drag force acting on untreated netting increased on average by 931.1% from day one, whereas drag force only increased by 8.6% in NETMINDER® treated nets.