NETMINDER® LLC – An Eco-friendly Aquaculture Solution | Scallop lantern nets
NETMINDER® is an Eco-friendly Aquaculture Solution that protects netting from UV degradation, minimizes biofouling and reduces drag. NETMINDER® is a viable alternative to copper and organotin-based antifouling coatings.
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Scallop lantern nets


July 11, 2012

Shellfish Farming

A 9 month study carried out by the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County (Southold, NY) evaluated the efficacy of NETMINDER® when applied to lantern nets containing scallop cultures (~200 per net). A total of 24 lantern nets, 16 treated and 8 untreated, were deployed at random order in Orient Harbor, NY. Scallop health and growth rate was measured monthly. After 9 months there was no statistical difference in mortality rates (~90-95%) between treated and untreated nets, and treated nets were shown to significantly reduce fouling. By the end of testing, treated nets weighed in between 15-16 lbs, whereas untreated nets weighed between 46-57 lbs. This study was published in 2012 in Aquaculture Research. 

> Click here for the abstract of this publication.