NETMINDER® LLC – An Eco-friendly Aquaculture Solution | Washburn Island Oysters
NETMINDER® is an Eco-friendly Aquaculture Solution that protects netting from UV degradation, minimizes biofouling and reduces drag. NETMINDER® is a viable alternative to copper and organotin-based antifouling coatings.
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Washburn Island Oysters


The Netminder product from Epaint has been phenomenal for Washburn Island Oysters. We are a 100% sustainable provider of shellfish and, although popular, an extremely expensive business. Netminder has afforded our company clean upwellers, which provide an environment for 1 to 1.5 millimeter oysters to grow from that size to approximately 1 inch in shell height. We have very limited mortality due to the lack of bio fouling. It was necessary to install wave brakes on the sides of our upwellers during our first year. The bio fouling on the wave breaks was significant which required power washing @ the end of the nursery season. However, the silos and troughs painted with Netminder remained free of fouling. Epaint’s product has also increased productivity and, therefore, decreased labor costs. Lastly, the application of the product does not require the use of respirators due to the lack of solvents. Alex and his team have been respondent to our requests in a timely fashion.

- Todd Stressenger, Washburn Island Oysters